En el bosque con mis amigos.

I went on a walk today.


It’s kind of sad how yesterday I was speaking with my cousin who flew over from Holland and we was speaking about schools bullying systems. She was saying how if you tell the head teacher that somebody is bullying you, he kicks them out of school that same day. She asked me about how our school deals with it and I swear I saw her heart break when I told her they don’t deal with bullying at all. She got so mad, she was like “what do you mean they don’t do anything? If you tell a teacher they just leave it to get worse? I’d hate to live over here if that’s how they treat students!” And I didn’t even get the rest of the conversation because she was so angry she forgot I was English and she started going mad in Dutch.
It’s sad but true, they so just leave it to get worse. They won’t stop the bullies until you’re in hospital and even then, it’s you that gets taken out of school, not the bullies


completely miserable but look how pretty this photo i took in japan is

I moved these lil guys off the concrete and put them back into the bushes


look at this what the fuck he is 1/4 underground and he’s nearly the same height as me i cant believe this what the fuck